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We factor medical receivables so that your agency is paid much quicker.


You providing the staffing and service to your clients then submit your invoice to us.


We pay you within 48 hours less a small fee and then your client pays us.


Our program will help maintain a positive cash flow and keep the gears of your business moving smoothly.

About HGS Funding

HGS Funding has programs specifically designed to provide factoring for staffing companies.


Unlike many other factoring companies we are self funded. Other factoring companies are backed by investment bankers who in turn determine the amount of funds that may be advanced to the staffing agency,


We work with you on personal basis to help grow your staffing agency

Increase Sales

Get Factoring For Staffing Companies

Factoring for staffing companies. By factoring medical receivables agencies can maintain cash flow.

By factoring medical receivables we help staffing companies to overcome cash flow issues immediately.

Find out how we can help your agency.

In the past have cash flow problems prevented you from going after new and bigger clients?


If you knew you had the financial backing would your business grow?


One of our staffing agency clients increase their business by 250% within 6 months as a direct result of staffing agency factoring programs.


Let's see if we can do the same for you!​

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